Techint Group

Graphic designer
Working for Ternium, a steel company of the Techint Group holding, I was part of the communications and brand department that manage not only Ternium brand but also supervise the brands of the sister companies.
I participated in variety of projects which allowed me to create, collaborate and supervise all the communication material for the company. Adapting to a wide range of platforms, from printed to websites, mobile applications and communications campaigns, creating and managing digital design systems for UI.
My responsabilities
  • Management of the brand for all regional and corporate communications departments.
  • Lead projects to improve and help the brand growth like creating guidelines, multimedia and digital material.
  • Work with a network of external experts.
  • Handling internal clients with constant communication.
  • Understand the differences in cultures and traditions of each community where the company operates.
We created a system with graphic elements to represent the style of the company’s publications.
The guidelines include a kit of templates that all local communication departments can apply to ensure consistency.
Ternium brand guidelines

The system

The frame
The eyedrop
The masterhead
The gradients
The Photography
Ternium website
Using the new guidelines as a base, we leaded the project for the redesign of Ternium’s website, together with the agency MediaMonks.
The website is built out of components that allows the editors to work in the CMS and gives them the flexibility to built it as they need it.
UI system created for the internal learning website of the company called TerniumUniversity.
The challenge was to create a system that survives inside the eLearning platform which doesn’t allow deep customization
Design system
Thinking about the need the company had to communicate the information of the sustainability report to the community with an easy digestible language, we reestructure the complex information of the report into a booklet with the highlights and relevant facts for the target audience.
Working with the agency Kilometro for the illustrations and with the internal communication experts for the content, we put together this comprehensive booklet with digital adaptations.
Sustainability Capsule
The booklet was adapted to the digital platforms. Animations and a dedicated webpage where created to communicate the sustainability actions of the company.
Design for Ternium’s 10K. The design was adapted to the different countries according to their cultural needs. Brasil - Mexico - Argentina - Guatemala
Ternium 10K race
Identity for marathon
Internal campaign to help communicate the change management strategy. We created a visual language to introduce a new building to employees.